Introduction : Citizens of Mantle

In collaboration with internationally-renowned visual artist Chen Man, we proudly present our inaugural native NFT collection — Citizens of Mantle.

Why Become A Citizen of Mantle:

Becoming a Citizen of Mantle is your gateway to an immersive experience within Mantle Ecosystem.



Your Citizens of Mantle NFT avatar will be your faithful companion as you embark on a journey of building, connecting, playing, earning, and trading on Mantle.


With each milestone you achieve within Mantle Ecosystem, your NFT avatar will evolve, allowing you to add unique traits such as body accessories, headgear, and facial accessories. 

Your avatar will become a reflection of your depth of engagement and accomplishments within Mantle Ecosystem, which, in turn, will then allow you to unlock more future benefits.


Creator : Meet the Artist

Chen Man


This collection is created by internationally-renowned visual artist Chen Man, whose iconic style blurs the lines between fashion photography and the arts, making her one of the most recognized and renowned female contemporary visual artists today since bursting onto the fashion photography scene in 2003.

NFT Roadmap



Whitelist Goes Live

See if you are eligible!



Official Mint

On the whitelist? Mint your NFT now.



Add-On Traits Release

Upgrade your NFT.


What can we look forward to from the Citizens of Mantle NFT series after the official mint of the basic character?

Following the conclusion of Mantle Journey Season Alpha, users will have the opportunity to utilize their accumulated Mantle Journey Miles to unlock various mystery boxes that contain unique add-on traits. Please note that the precise end date for Mantle Journey Season Alpha will be announced in due course.

If the Citizens of Mantle NFT is free for whitelisted users, why does it still charge a gas fee when I mint?

While Citizens of Mantle NFT is free for whitelisted users, you will need to spend gas fee in $MNT to mint the NFT on Mantle Network as part of the transaction processing cost.

What are the utilities of Citizens of Mantle NFT?

The Citizens of Mantle NFT serves as a versatile digital identity for members within the Mantle community, allowing them to display it as their virtual profile picture (PFP).

Citizens of Mantle NFT owners also benefit from a dynamic upgrade mechanism integrated into the Mantle Journey program. This feature enables them to enhance their NFTs by redeeming Mantle Journey Miles for additional traits and attributes.

What is the total supply of Citizens of Mantle NFT and how many NFTs can I mint as a whitelisted user?

The total supply of the Citizens of Mantle NFT series is 100,000, and each whitelisted wallet address will be eligible to mint 1 NFT.

How do I trade or list my Citizens of Mantle NFTs for sale after minting?

You can trade or sell your Citizens of Mantle NFT on Mintle ( In the future, more marketplaces will be integrated to allow trading of your Citizens of Mantle NFT.

If I am not on the whitelist, will I still have a chance to mint the NFT?

Please keep a lookout for announcements on Mantle's official X/Twitter (@0xMantle) and Discord channel (

Where can I view all the mint, transfer and sales activities of Citizens of Mantle NFT?

You may view all mint, transfer, and sales activities of Citizens of Mantle NFT on on our official Mantle Discord server (, made possible with is the no-code platform for creating bots that automate your crypto, NFT and other blockchain and DeFi activities. 17,000 people use Boto to save time checking NFT listings, gas fees, coin prices, portfolio value and more.